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  1. Snake on Borneo Island Can Change Color
  2. Rain brings out rarely seen reptile
  3. Caiman puts teeth into guarding pot plants
  4. Southeastern Gecko Found in Kansas
  5. Trapping company in Orange County called to remove large snake
  6. PetSmart Becomes Top Dog
  7. O.C. turtles crowded out
  8. burmese gets surgery
  9. Check out this article...
  10. Burmese Pythons Are Setting Up Home in the State's Everglades National Park
  11. Burmese Eats Blanket
  12. more snakes in the news
  13. Python found dead...
  14. Interesting article on Burms in Everglades
  15. Floridians should not own pythons-LOL
  16. rabbitt chasing off snake
  17. Pet Boa kills owner...
  18. Virgin Kamodo To Give Birth
  19. OUCH just plain cruel
  20. Huge python makes a meal of 11 guard dogs
  21. Frozen snake found along Ohio river
  22. Baltimore to ban snakes over 5'
  23. mike wilbanks gets robbed and he shoots two men. in gun battle. video.
  24. Must see TV...
  25. Another unresponsible owner
  26. TX to initiate Permit System for Constrictors and Hots
  27. HB 1309 and Dave Barker
  28. More states proposing and passing more laws (WA and OR)!
  29. Stolen NERD Snakes
  30. Funny news clip
  31. We Died
  32. Snake In Engine
  33. Snake On The Loose
  34. Oklahoma Police Kill 5-Year Old Boy While Shooting at Snake
  35. This one is kind of funny...
  36. Bill No. HB 1309 Introduced By: Harvey Hilderbran - FAILED!!
  37. Lizard gives birth to rubber lizard
  38. Cool 2 Headed Turtle
  39. Snake In The Toilet
  40. India: New Pitviper discovered
  41. Fear & Loathing in the USA ~New Laws
  42. You want your business banned? Pay attention and act now!
  43. Exotic Amnesty...
  44. Article in the SF Chronicle
  45. oh boy...
  46. Ya know...
  47. Full Circle
  48. Dangerous Lizard Loose
  49. News article: Burmese pythons in S. FL
  50. Komodo Dragon found to be venomous!
  51. warning senate epw hearing hr669
  52. burm article link
  53. Just what we need.....
  54. Oh No..........
  55. Thanks Nigel for making reptile enthusiasts look like a bunch of Reckless idiots
  56. Message of the Day
  57. FFWS Amnesty Day
  58. Reptile News; Green mamba may help Heart Patients
  59. ALERT: S373 Senate Call In Tomorrow
  60. Killer Fungus Threatening Amphibians
  61. DANGER: Python Ban Moving Fast!!!
  62. Shame on you!!!!
  63. Our representatives at work!!!!
  64. Looks like it passed:(:(:(
  65. ACTION: S373 Senate Campaign
  66. PR: Suspicious Python Release in Tampa; $18K Reward Offered
  67. US Chamber of Commerce Opposes S373
  68. Want to fight S. 373? Here's How...
  69. CBO to Score S373
  70. USARK YouTube video on S. 373!
  71. My reply to Sen Bill Nelsons reply
  72. A unique response from my Senator
  73. Turtles' Christmas Journey Tracked by Scientists
  74. USARK Kill S373 Letter Campaign
  75. Three S373 messages in one! New stuff!
  76. January Shows - Kill S373
  77. Reptile Radio - tonight!
  78. WAKE UP! Kill S373- DEADLINE 1/12/10
  79. USARK Video - Andrew Wyatt & Don Schultz
  80. It's raining Iguanas in Florida! (video)
  81. DEADLINE Extended for Kill-S373!
  82. Rhode Island joins the insanity
  83. response from my senator
  84. Go here check your State for Exotic Legislation
  85. US Fish & Wildlife Press Release
  86. Dept. of Interior & NY Airports
  87. new article about python/boa ban
  88. natgeo explorer episode on burms: 2/9/10
  89. NatGeo News Watch Blog (re: burms)
  90. HR2811/ S373 Legislative Update
  91. Mostly positive news!
  92. GA S303/ Repticon Atlanta
  93. OPPOSE GA S303 - Regulating Certain Reptiles
  94. TIME chimes in...
  95. UPDATE: Oppose GA S303
  96. NatGeo on python owners
  97. Reptile Nation Prevails on GA S303
  98. scientific american regurges USGS python BS
  99. wall street journal article
  100. Proposed Rule Change Delayed
  101. UPDATE: Florida S318 Passes Committee
  102. Burmese Python Distinct Species
  103. US House Committee Meeting on Invasive Species
  104. invasion of pythons
  105. Oppose CA Regs to Ban Frogs, Turtles, and Beaded Lizards
  106. USARK Succeeds in California
  107. NY Times Python Blog
  108. White House Invites USARK to Comment on Python Ban
  109. State of the Reptile Nation
  110. Florida Proposes A Ban On Certain Snakes And Other Reptiles
  111. Thursday Newspaper St. Pete. Times
  112. WARNING: Proposed Rule Change/ USFWS
  113. PHOTOS: 9-foot python discovered in Marco Island backyard
  114. Taking Action against Animal Planet
  115. dave and tracy barker on natgeo newswatch blog
  116. ACTION: Stop CT Ban of Reptiles
  117. Hallandale Beach alligator processor turns pythons from the Everglades into leather p
  118. Snake Slaying Was Improper
  119. High End Herps Owner , David Bueauchemin ARRESTED
  120. Volunteers Needed For Global Pet Expo / Orlando
  121. House Natural Resources Committee Hearing/ Big 9
  122. PR: Invasive Species Hearing
  123. Man faces 122 charges after dead snakes found in home
  124. Southwest Florida reptile sales to slither away
  125. Miami-Dade Breaking News
  126. supportive artice on our side of snake ban legislation
  127. UPDATE: Invasive Species Hearing
  128. Good Python news on CNN
  129. From USARK: Re: USFWS Comment Period
  130. cobra/burm hybrid? REALLY?
  131. Gordon Rodda; Fabricate Science
  132. New Giant Monitor Lizard Discovered...
  133. UPDATE: California
  134. Public Comment USFWS Rule Change
  135. proposed permit system in columbus, OH
  136. Support Reptile Insider Fund Raising Auction
  137. Video - Kill "Rule Change"
  138. Columbus Ohio considering permits
  139. Kill-RuleChange Campaign
  140. LAST DAY to get your USARK donation quadrupled!
  141. PIJAC PetAlert for Louisiana
  142. Kill Louisiana - HB1354 Reptile Ban
  143. Kill Rule Change Message from Andrew
  144. ALERT: USARK Challenge/USFWS Rule Change
  145. Oppose Rule Change- Has Anybody from this Forum taken the time
  146. RED ALERT: Fast & Easy Comment on Rule Change
  147. Repticon Baltimore Show
  148. USARK Public Comment/ 30 Day Extension
  149. Amphibian Rule Change
  150. Some good reptile journalism for a change
  151. Police Raid on Terry Cullen
  152. Special Interests Push For S373
  153. Shipyourreptiles.com?
  154. Kill Louisiana- HB1354 Reptile Ban
  155. Re-Opening of Public Comment
  156. New Cold Study Discredits USGS Constrictor Report
  157. New Mexico Reptile Ban
  158. GRRRR... people are STUPID
  159. LA-Snake bill would have statewide Impact
  160. Intern Wanted - Please Apply!
  161. NRBE Auction to Benefit USARK
  162. USFWS to ReOpen Public Comment Period on Boa/Python Ban
  163. Landmark Ohio Animal Welfare Agreement Reached
  164. CNN to Promote Radical Animal Rights Agenda
  165. burm mini-series on natgeo
  166. New Kill-Rule Change Campaign: Public Comment Re-Opened
  167. RED ALERT: Stop SF Pet Ban Now!
  168. Repticon FIRE Show/ Volunteers
  169. Please Donate NRBE Daytona Auction
  170. Last Chance Public Comment
  171. DEADLINE Monday 8/2/10
  172. Reptile Supershow- Pomona, CA
  173. Updates & Fundraising
  174. USARK Summer Board Meeting/ CITES Workshop
  175. Austin Reptile Expo
  176. Shows This Weekend
  177. No wonder why they want to ban our reptiles..
  178. NARBC Anaheim Show
  179. USARK Files Appeal w/ USGS on IQA Challenge
  180. good and accurate article about FWS situation
  181. Upscale Reptiles Sacramento Show
  182. Defenders of Wildlife files petition to list Non-Native Amphibians on Lacey Act
  183. SREL STUDY : No pythons yet
  184. NEW Study Confirms Flaws in the Government's Climate
  185. Vital Economic Survey
  186. Animal Ownership Survey/ Loma Linda University
  187. NARBC Houston Show
  188. Repticon Columbia SC
  189. DOI Secretary Salazar Awards Bad Science at USGS
  190. Help USARK Defeat S373 Python Ban Today!
  191. ALERT: DEADLINE Public Comment Amphibian Listing!
  192. USARK Victorius in Close of 111th Congress
  193. Reptile Supershow - Pomona, CA
  194. The stupid one's damage the reputation of the rest of us.
  195. Repticon Charlotte Show
  196. Second Call to Action in Ohio
  197. A Reptile Enthusiasts Perspective on USFWS Attempts to Regulate
  198. OHIO - Reptile Ban / Executive Order
  199. Comment on the Discrediting of the Lacey listing process
  200. Repticon Atlanta Show
  201. Is this a NEW threat? or a restatement of an old one?
  202. This is what I do
  203. Reptile News: Cobra bites owner in NJ
  204. Reptile News: More on Cobra bites.
  205. ALERT: New Python Ban / HR511
  206. NARBC Arlington Texas Show
  207. Reptile News: Would you punch a Crocodile?
  208. Reptile News: My reptile hero
  209. update on ohio exotic animal ban (2/11)
  210. USGS, Rodda and Reed Defend their climate maps
  211. Reptile News: Camerabytes and Alligator Lizards
  212. jeremy stone calling for our help (re: HR511)
  213. Reptile News: Box Turtle holds captives
  214. Reptile News: Thailand's biggest poacher arrested
  215. Are any of us in Illinois? This would suck.
  216. Connecticut: Public Comment / Reptile Ban
  217. Reptile News: Australia Zoo closing?
  218. NO Ban in Pennsylvania
  219. Reptile News: Stoners arrested for taking lizards.
  220. Reptile News: Albino Cobra sold by NJ,
  221. Reptile News: Turtles are #1 in the race to extinction.
  222. Texas Reptiles San Antonio Show
  223. H.R. 511 - Pure Insanity
  224. Reptile News: 3 Foot Alligator in Pa
  225. Texas HB1788 Repeal of Road Cruising Ban
  226. Reptile News: Walmart sued for snake bite
  227. Reptile News: We are mass extincting.
  228. Repticon Columbia, SC
  229. Reptile News: The Great Grandfather WINNING
  230. RI classifieds back to paid subscription only
  231. Reptile News: 50,000 snake bite deaths per year?
  232. Repticon Tampa
  233. After a standoff with Police gunman found dead inside Tom Crutchfield's House
  234. Ohio Ban on exotic pets to expire Wednesday
  235. FWS Files Final Rule / Constrictor Ban
  236. Repticon Charlotte
  237. S 2011: Sports Safety Modernization Act
  238. Reptile Industry Calls for Congressional Oversight on US Fish & Wildlife Service
  239. wall street journal article on snake ban
  240. USGS Denies Due Process to Reptile Industry
  241. High End Herps - ARRESTED
  242. Ban(town in Wisconsin): no more than two snake allowe
  243. USARK Meets with White House Office for Oversight RE: Snake Ban
  244. USFWS ignores "best available science"... again!
  245. Is that a peruvian around this little poet girl's neck?
  246. Reptile News: Snake head biting is not legal.
  247. Reptile News: Reptile moms need love to HOTTIE WARNING!
  248. Repticon Orlando
  249. Reptile News: Reptile Commando fighting Humane Society.
  250. Reptile News: Just say no to Apple oh loose Gaters to.