This Male was my holdback,Futo X Sipperly blood.His parents are a pair i bought from Mike Eckert and this was my third litter from the pair.Mike named the line megapeaks,he searched for the thinnest saddles and biggest peaks he could get.Futo X Sipperly blood is what he came up with........This young boy will be ready to breed next year,doing great pounding F/T small rats and Quail.Raised slow like they should be!Never regurged or had a single flaw.Hes nervous as i dont handle him much but he has never bit.Some handling and he would make a great pet.Hes been pampered and very well cared for from day 1....Live healthy,mite free arrival is guaranteed...Shipping is included....2-3 month payment plans are welcome with $100 down nonrefundable if you back out or cant fullfill in 3 months.Thanks..Last 5 pictures are the parents as adults and as babys.Dam sipperly is last and is very pink.