This was my male holdback from 2014 Sipperly X Futo litter, his genes are thin saddles with extreme peaks ,Another male doesnt fit in my breeding plans soon so im leting him go,he is ready to try and breed next spring,work is done....Hes doing great pampered always,nail and squeeze F/T from tongs,just got on meduim rats . raised slow with no harsh cleaning chemicals... life.Never any pesticides or mites,not 1 regurge, not even a piece of stuck shed......This was My third litter from this pair,small collection that doesnt have animals in and out.He has never touched another snake that wasnt a sibling or been in a uncleaned cage after another.Hes tame, nervous,as i dont handle him enough,but never bite,calms down after you get him out.Just needs to be touched more ,hes scared at first.....Sexed correct,Live 'Healthy" mite free arrival is guaranted.$500 cash picked up in Winchester Virginia,$600 shipped ,winter payment plan is a option with $100 down nonrefundable if you back out.Pay off by april 1st then weather would be good for shipping.Price is firm!last 4 pics are the parents.thanks