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  • CRAZY case.... MY ABDOMEN HURTS....

    A 12 year old female iguana presented last week with a history of not using the litter box. The owner noticed intermittent spotting (urine) and decreased fecal output. The physical examination was unremarkable. However, upon further evaluation of the coelom (abdomen) I was able to palpate a hard, movable, and painful to the touch mass.

    Survey Radiographs reveal the following: You can appreciate the hemoclips from a previous surgery - spay.

    Any ideas..... Here is another one.

    At this point I have some ideas as to what is the primary problem. The owner OK an exploratory. The surgery was scheduled for today.

    Specimen under anesthesia and ready to go....

    The EKG + heart rate was pretty steady......

    Here we go.....Once the incision was made this is what I found.....
    I use my fist for size reference.

    Any ideas....Well the last time I remember seeing a similar case was back in 2002 when I was doing my internship at the Columbus Zoo/Private practice.

    This iguana was suffering from a severe case of UROLITHIASIS (Bladder stone). Iguanas are, of course, the poster child for nutritionally related renal diseases due to the feeding of animal based protein packed foods such as dog food, trout chow, monkey chow, etc . . Feeding of animal based protein to the herbivore causes the liver and kidneys to have to work hard to process the by products of protein metabolism. Animal based proteins will cause increased need for water intake in the herbivore coupled with excessive uric acid formation that must be excreted by the kidneys. If water is present, most iguanas will drink enough to offset clinical disease initially. Over time the excessive animal protein intake overrides the iguana's ability to dilute and excrete the uric acid in the blood stream with concominent renal dysfunction resulting in hyperuricemia, visceral gout, renal gout, nutritional/renal secondary hyperparathyroidism, and urolithiases.

    In this case the problem with the iguana was nutritionally related (High protein diets). The final product was severe precipitation of urates leading to UROLITHIASIS.

    More Pics.....

    Once the stone was removed the bladder was flush with copious amounts of lactated ringers.

    Closure of the bladder in two layers to prevent leakage.....

    Abdominal wall closure......

    After external sutures tissue glue was used.

    Recovery was uneventful....

    Thanks for looking and hope everyone enjoy!


    Lake Howell Animal Clinic
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