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    Default Reptile Insider Forum posting rules.

    These are just some basics we don't want to see done here at reptileinsider.com posted in public forum.

    Try to keep within the guide lines of keeping things fun, positive, and informative, jokes are great as long as their not at the expense of another person.

    Breaking these rules may result in your post being removed or your user access being limited, put on hold, or canceled all together. Any user can be banner at any time as the moderators and admin see fit. Any post may be removed by moderators or admin.

    If your post is removed it is nothing against you, you just broke the rules.. We don't know if it is an accident or not so it will end up being moderated as an admin or moderator sees fit..

    Rules apply to all levels of membership on the site. Penalties will be the same for all levels of membership paid or free. No refund or partial refund will be given to paid subscription members that get banned. ( you did it yourself)

    1.) No bickering, mud slinging, name calling, or baiting.. No using others names in a negative manner.

    1-a.) NO BICKERING...

    Baiting is posting something you know will get a negative reaction from a user or group of users.

    This includes posting about someone being a rip off/ scammer.. etc... If you see something you think is a scam report it to a moderator or the admin.

    If you get a bad business transaction here post bad feedback. The person you dealt with earned it. But don't post in the forums how much you don't like them or what they did. Refer to the classifieds rules.

    2.) No nasty PM's,

    I get reports of them, the moderators get reports of them, we don't want reports of bickering via the PM system.. If you can't control yourself send an email we don't want to be in the middle of your argument.

    Please don't abuse the PM ( personal message) system.

    3.) Linking: Please don't link to other sites other than your own site in your personal signature. It is OK to promote yourself a little here while posting with a link in your signature line. You may use links to point out other things within this site, linking to a news topic is fine, as long as it pertains to the reptile news section.

    No linking to competing sites talking about scams, animals in poor health, ads with animals for sale. This will be removed all together.

    Threads on other sites forums even though they may be interesting it's kind like stealing a thread IMO..

    If you want to give someone a heads up on a good deal fine, send them a PM or email.

    If you think a topic from another site is interesting, you may bring up what you find interesting about a topic but not link to the topic on the other site.

    4.) No posting classifieds in the forums sections.

    This includes posting in the forums and saying this animal is going to be for sale in the classifieds. this is considered spam, it will be removed.

    5.) NO SPAM!!
    Don't promote any product or website via the forums. There are ad spaces and classifieds in the event your looking to sell something. Spamming will result in the post being removed, and you could get banned for posting spam depending on what it is. Please don't post "I'm going to sell this animal, or product" It's no different than placing an ad in the forums

    6.) Keep it family friendly.
    That means no pornographic pics, links to porn, or anything that you wouldn't expect a reasonable person to say or post on a reptile forum.

    This forum is directed at a general adult group of users, but remember kids could be on here too there really isn't anyway to really know 100% someone is who they say they are. We aren't here to babysit your children, if you don't like the content here it's up to you to keep them from looking at it.

    7.) No member harvesting.

    If you have a similar forum site great, but please have respect and don't go sending personal messages to all of the members here or posting "come over to my forum site" you could be banned for this. There are banner ad spaces available to promote your site.

    8.) No hard luck stories- looking for a handout:
    Don't post a hard luck story looking for people to help you, or ask people for money here.

    9.) No abusing the moderators.
    This includes admins, super moderators, and moderators. If they have to move or delete your post due to a rule being broken or the post being off topic or having off content. They are doing their job to keep things going in a reasonable fashion. Balling them out may end up getting you getting banned from the site.

    Have a little respect for the host here ( me ) this site didn't build it's self and none it happens for free.

    `````````````````````````````````````````````````` ```````````````
    Other Notes to follow.

    More rules may be posted at any time. Please refer back to them to make sure your working within the guidelines of the site. Rules may be changed with no notice, at any time.


    Reptileinsider.com and or Constrictors Northwest is not responsible for:

    The actions, words or opinions of the users on it, if something disturbs you please report it to a moderator or the administrator.

    The ads or products sold via ads here. Protect yourself, look into things before you buy, do your own research.

    Your personal information ( personal identity). Protect your own personal information, The ads and forums here are open to the general public.

    The moderators and administrators are not always present on the forums and classifieds, we are not here to watch you just to keep things in check in the event that needs to be done. Handle your own business here in a reasonable fashion, and have fun. Thats what this is for..

    Thanks, Ed
    Ed Lilley

    Check my available snakes at this link:

    I rejoined facebook... I don't feel good about it...


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    The code for signatures has been removed for the registered user group, you can post words in your signature, but no code or links in your signature area please. There were links just bouncing all over the place. Some have been abusing the signature area, and we aren't blaming anyone here...

    The contributing advertiser group can post banners, code, links, and such in their signature area.
    Please no banners in signature areas larger than 468x60 pixels this increases the load time for everyone to read a page.

    Please do NOT post banners or links to a website, or organization, other than your own website(s) If someone wants to fly a banner here they need to become a member, and or pay for ad space.
    Ed Lilley

    Check my available snakes at this link:

    I rejoined facebook... I don't feel good about it...


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