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    Default The ugly side of breeding boas (EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!)

    Quote Originally Posted by JasonGonzalez View Post
    I didn't squeeze any yolk out, but when I withdrew the needle from some of the babies the yolk would spill out on it's own.
    So it's kind of the same concept and if done soon enough I don't see why it wouldn't work.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Jason the advice you received and performed would work after
    they are older like yours are

    What I was talking about could only be done within 12 hours of birth
    I bet 24 hrs would be too late to try even

    The method you performed sounds like a far less invasive
    way to deal with excess yolk at any stage

    That seems like a really great much better way to handle excess yolk

    I'm glad you shared , thanks

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    thanks for posting that Jason. I've always wondered about doing that...


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    I have enjoyed this thread quite a bit...this is one hell of an imformation and idea source.
    Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat all day drinking.

    Joel Thomas

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    In all of our litters to date, the females were removed as soon as we were sure they were done(or the litter was found), and the babies soaked down heavily with water --in the goo--in regular increments, like passing rain showers for generally the next 24 hours. I generally try to clean the area over the heat in the cage, and usually by the next day every baby has crammed themselves into that area. At this point I put them all together in a big tub at 84 degrees with a 92 degree warm end and a lot of shredded paper substrate to hide under. I have had quite a few babies born with big yolky bellies, but have not lost any to solidified yolk. So I can not offer this as any good advice against it, but it has worked for us so far, I think.

    Ones with exposed yolks are removed immediately after parturition, and relocated to a very saturated shoe box container. They are given about 12 hours to absorb what they will (replacing substrate with clean probably 3 times during this period), and then the rest is tied and cut off.

    The boa in the pic Pheonix posted was about 30 minutes old.... The only male preemie we have ever had here.
    Jesse Van Atta

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