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    Forums can be a good and bad...

    On one hand you can have fun BSing with others who are into what your into. People can follow your projects and get interested in your project, they get to know you well enough to buy from you without needing to wonder if your going to burn them because they pretty much know what you have and know you a bit..

    On the other hand, people will nit pick you apart at the drop of a hat over some trivial BS.... It all builds up on you at some point.. This is why the big breeders don't participate so much... The ones that do get in, throw up a post an get out.. They are still reading just not getting into it posting, and going back and forth.. I know, I can see who's looking, who's invisible, etc...

    You can't blame them when so many people are telling them their business over and over. Basically calling them out on what they do and have been doing for a long time... And at the same time asking for answers to questions regarding their projects.

    It's like saying "hey F*ck you", and then saying "can you help me with the genetics on this?"

    I applaud them for sticking with it period. That foes for a lot of other folks too who may not be big breeders, but have been around the block more than once or twice.... and put up with the bull shit side of things...

    Best thing to do is take it all with a grain of salt, I have been around long enough to see people come and go..
    Ed Lilley

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    I rejoined facebook... I don't feel good about it...


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    Quote Originally Posted by PanamaRed View Post
    On the other hand, people will nit pick you apart at the drop of a hat over some trivial BS.... It all builds up on you at some point.. This is why the big breeders don't participate so much... The ones that do get in, throw up a post an get out.. They are still reading just not getting into it posting, and going back and forth.. I know, I can see who's looking, who's invisible, etc...

    Best thing to do is take it all with a grain of salt, I have been around long enough to see people come and go..
    I believe that if you go to any forum under the sun whether it is a snake forum or a social dating forum there will be bickering from time to time. It comes down to you can't be thin skinned in life but even more so online when you canít really tell what a person's motive is in writing.

    From reading all the post today I believe this thread took a completely different route than what I interpreted it to be last night.

    I didn't view this thread as a debate over a name for these boas. I viewed it as something was up for sale and information considered vital was not present. I think once you start exchanging goods for money it becomes a serious issue no matter what anyone chooses to say about this being a hobby.

    If you buy something where information was left out whether it is intentional or not, your feelings are going to get hurt. I view that as serious and thatís what I thought this thread was all about last night.

    I donít regret my input from last night as that was merely my observation from reading all the BCC talk on here daily. This morning when I followed up on this thread 18 of the 20 topics posted in the boa section was BCC related and I read all of them
    Alex Burgos

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    Quote Originally Posted by lrdj View Post
    Some people out there take this hobby wayyyyyyyyyyyy to seriously. Why it is so hard to enjoy your true passion about keeping and breeding snakes. This dilemma about Guyanese and Surinamese BCC WILL NEVER HAVE AND END.......

    I must say Dr. Diaz that in the beginning I thought wow...people are too serious with this but I think everyone has a passion for something....i.e. me and my RG's. It kind of bothers me when I see people cross an animal that had a RG mother or father then call it a RG when the animal is clearly dark brown and will only get uglier. I don't think I would try to change that individual but I would make a distinction of what my RG had to offer so that people had a choice. I think the same can be done with the Guyanan Shield animals. If a person can prove without a doubt this is where the animal came from then let them represent it in their ad or website. No harm in that.

    This post was actually directed at me and I truly can understand Jonathan's point the only thing I would of done different is contacted the person and then perhaps put a post that we can debate. It just seems as though some people want to form a mob most of the time and get aggressive and nasty with words so I wouldn't want to be involved in that.

    I honestly enjoy your post and love your animals that is why I have bought a couple of them. I have grown to respect you and your work through your posts on here. I think it would be a real tradegy if you left. I just think people should chill and think about what they type. If you are upset just relax and come back later rather than saying mean stuff. That stuff is so old.

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    hmmmm... suriname and guyana are tiny little countries that are all too close to eachother with no real geographical blockades that would prevent one snake (or 20, or 500) to travel freely from one nation to another (this includes the whole "north brazilian" label on those boas).
    i see them all as the same snake.
    if the area where the animal comes from shares location with several countries, it's safe to say they're pretty much the same.
    if we were talkin about different continents or even different sides of the continent (ie. western colombia to eastern brazil), then yeah i see a difference but to differentiate animals of the same subspecies from the same general area is a little silly to me.

    as far as calling someone out... id do it privately first... then maybe discuss with a few trusted people.. and if it somehow gets out of hand and you feel like you have to shine some light into it for all to see, then so be it.

    im not much for trying to out someone, im also not much for people mislabeling animals.
    and since i know bcc people are so hardcore about what street the snake was born in (or river-bank, bush, etc), id know that mislabeling a less prestigious into a more valued (monetarily) animal is a big no no.

    point im making is even though it sounds foolish to me, it apparently is something to be taken seriously by other enthusiasts, and should be defended at all costs.

    im mostly a bci guy, but would feel the same if someone were breeding common colombians to like a hog island for it's light colors or with an el salvadorian blood for some cross locality project, it's a funk if these crossed animals aren't advertised as such. and will without a doubt water down the market's bloodlines, especially when there are so many people that look specifically for these small specifications out there.

    at the same time, these people will not be successful, will sell to people who dont know any better (or dont care), and will stay away from hands of people who need all this data. it's a double edged sword, there's no wrong really. but there's no right either =P just a bunch of opinions.

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    Not directed at anyone and purely based on my experience in life and on many forums. Why must we resort to online tactics most of us wouldn't dare attempt face to face. I doubt most on forums have the audacity to go up to a total stranger or perhaps an acquaintance they run itno from time to time and just let them know what they think of them. Ambiguity often creates a sense of entitlement to impart your thoughts and demands on others.

    For example, if you are in a bar and notice a loud mouth making an azz of themselves, instead of calling them out in the sanctaty amongst friends how about trying to pull them aside and let them know man to man what is annoying you. Trust me when I say most won't go that route and yet on forums we often lay the wood on others as if we have been authorized to be the keeper of all.

    The most imoortant thing to follow in my mind is to be respectful an polite to others as you wish they were to you cause if you call one out then they may just feel the need to save face or are just not built to get stomped on and in their retaliation end up being the one that comes across as a jerk.

    There should be forum ediquate similar to what you would do and say in person and not from the hidden palace we call the Internet. Hopefully that's understood for the positive points as it was intended and not as a stepping stone to an online battle that solves nothing but gets feelings hurt and detract from the true purpose of any forum which is to inform and exchange information in a polite and respectful manner. Should you act online as you do in real life and that's in a rude self righteous way then I give up and you can do as you please. Lol
    Garriga Morphs

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    Keyboard makes some people ten feet tall and bullet proof,sitting in there warm house butt naked talking crap!LOL

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