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Thread: Tubing yogurt

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    I still use Nutra-bac in my snakes water intermittently throughout the year. It contains the same bacteria as yogurt, but also several more strains of beneficial digestive bacteria. I do not know if it helps or not, but I have not had any regurges occur from any boa since then.
    Nutra-bac is what I have used in the past with very good results but the thicker consistency of yogurt and the cheaper price might be worth a try....maybe even mix the two together.
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    Great thread...
    Richard Ceniceros

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    Nutra-bac is what I have used in the past with very good results but the thicker consistency of yogurt and the cheaper price might be worth a try....maybe even mix the two together.
    Probably couldn't hurt..

    I bought some greek yogurt to see how much thicker it was and it's a good bit thicker. Probably would be tough to squeeze out of the plastic tipped syringes I use..

    Tasty though...LOl..
    Ed Lilley

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    I had a young suri with this problem to.I switched back to mice and did the yogurt thing after ed told me about it.But after messing with the heat i found thats what made the boa stop regurging was when i set the temps for her.I didnt offer a cool end and warm end for afew months.I kept the whole cage about 83F and the boa stopped throwing up.And of course feed smaller and less for awhile.Temps is what started mine regurging,as the boa didnt know to get off heat or go to it.I had boa near the floor and it made the cool end to cool and hot end was hot to make up for it.Young boas do best about waist level with good ambient temps and not a very hot of a hot spot.80-81cool-85ish hot spot shot with a temp gun..My 2 cents!

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    I'm a fan. LOVE the Chobani Vanilla flavor
    I love Greek Yogurt , but I won't eat the Chobani because I don't like the John Stamos comercials
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Brady View Post
    Oh, and Jendee... I take pukers slow. I don't get them anywhere near weekly feeding frequency for a good 6 months. I start out at 3 week intervals after a puke for about 2-3 feedings, then go to 2 week intervals. By the way, all of those meals are at least "half-sized". Then, rather than increase frequency further, I'll go to incrementally larger prey. Once I'm up to full size every 2 weeks, then I'll consider weekly for a few feedings to try and regain some weight. By this time, I'm POSITIVE they won't puke again.

    Wait another week, then tube some yogurt. Give it about 2-3 weeks, then feed a small meal.

    Joe, they're prefer the fruity yogurts. They are tropical animals, after all!

    For anyone who takes that seriously... I'm kidding. I just use the "plain" kind.
    hmm interesting read and you might just be on to something if you produced a meat flavored yogurt!! Maybe Bacon flavored 8)

    Seriously though I will definitely keep this in mind! We have had a few problem animals given to us over the years and anything to aid in recovery is a bonus!!!

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