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    Default It's been real, it's been fun...

    And it's been REAL FUN!

    I debated whether or not to let everyone know or not but after mulling it over I figured I might as well. It might save me a few phone calls in the future... lol

    For a while now, I've had a LOT of stressful things on my plate and I just haven't been able to devote the time and energy necessary to my animals. I pulled back from forums, Facebook, and reptile shows. I wasn't keeping my website updated, nor my blog, and I even stopped taking pictures of my animals. It didn't seem like enough. I found myself constantly annoyed that I needed to clean cages, etc, and it didn't help that they were in the garage which was a nice constant 85 degrees with 90% humidity - it was stifling! I also never really cared for the sales aspect after breeding - I always delayed it as long as I could and tried to speed through it when possible. Ultimately, all of these things combined to lessen my love for the hobby.

    I didn't really know how to lighten my load because I couldn't decide which animals to sell - I really love them all. And if I kept several, I knew I'd want to breed and eventually, I'd be right back in the same place again. So, I decided to sell everything. It's all gone. I literally have nothing but fond memories and pictures left. And it's for the best. I was wondering if I'd miss it but after a couple of years of just not feeling that passion I once had, I don't. About the only thing I miss is seeing the beauty of my boa constrictors on a daily basis - but as I said I have memories and pictures for that. Everything else I'm totally fine with.

    I was going to take down my website and youtube page but was ultimately convinced by the guy who helped me with my website to leave it all up for a while as a resource as he felt (and I agree) that there is some good info on there. So, for now, those will stay up.

    I've found that now that everything is gone, I actually don't have any anxiety about going to a reptile show as I no longer need to build contacts, look for my next project, market myself or my animals, etc. I can just go and look and take pictures. So, I'm planning to go to a show in 2 weeks and I'm looking forward to it! (been YEARS since I've looked forward to a show)

    I have no intentions to share who has what as far as my collection is concerned. If those who have my animals wish to make it be known, they can do so.

    I sincerely hope that this hobby continues to flourish and that the Guyanese BCC continue to be held in the highest regard because they weren't in the past. They're deserving of such esteem.

    Thanks to all for the amazing 13+ years in the hobby. I started off when I was in college and now I'm in my mid-30's with a beautiful wife and beautiful daughter! I've made some GREAT friends, learned a TON, tried to share some of what I learned, found a new love (photography), and just had a BLAST!

    Best of luck to everyone :-D

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    Thanks for all you've brought to the hobby, jb. Take care of yourself and your beautiful family, and best of luck in all your future endeavors. You are one of the good guys, and will be sorely missed...

    Mike Lucchesi

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    Well I could go on and on bro but I will keep it short. You improved this hobby in many ways but most of all you helped change the public opinion of those "dirty dark" boas from Guyana and for that you will always be revered. I have always enjoyed the inspiration of your pictures and your incredible ability to absorb information, turn it into practical life applications and then regurgitate the immense amount of knowledge to cavemen like me into a way that can be comprehended.

    I understand the choice you had to make but I also know that your ability to focus on the quality of life will lead you and the family to better things. You will and have been missed but Mr. JB, you have left your mark! Thank you for the contributions.

    LOL... trust me I kept this short. Best of luck to you my friend.
    Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat all day drinking.

    Joel Thomas

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    JB, I appreciate everything you've contributed to the entire community. You've shared knowledge and insight and have always labored to be helpful, even when the recipients of help made it more difficult than necessary.

    Personally, I thank you for your photography advice. I've loved my D3200, and because I'm so bitten with the photo bug, I'm picking up a D7100 soon, as well as a 70-300mm lens.

    Best wishes.

    Ken Baumgarten, Mainely Boas

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    Damn dude...I was thinking about you the other day. That I havent seen you post and I missed your presence. So thats it ? Out...raising a family. Good for you for finally putting your priorities first. God knows its hard still for me. At least you can sit on the fact that you became one Baddass Boa Constrictor, Constrictor Breeder. I know that's what you set out be when I first met you on Kingsnake Forums over 10 yrs ago when I was new.

    Thank you for your contribution to the hobbie.Your presence and expertise will and have been Sorely missed. My one regrett is not being able to aquired any of Mr Damn's and Rose's bloodline. Aloha, Bon Voyage, May the Force be with you. J.B. I Salute You !!!
    Last edited by AshLopez; 05-30-2014 at 02:18 PM.

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    I believe i saw this coming JB, and it is a sad day for the hobby. Your contributions have been innumerable. I can't believe you were able to let go of Rose and My incredible, Mr. Damn as well as many of those others I'll leave unnamed.So many of the very best Guyanese Boas I've ever laid eyes on . . .
    I've mulled over pulling out all to together my self but in the end I've decided to attempt to ride it out and see where I'm at as time goes by . . . .
    Sorry to see you get out all together Jb you brought an awful lot to this hobby !

    Your knowledge ,images and Boas will be missed !
    Last edited by LarM; 05-30-2014 at 01:50 PM.

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    I found myself constantly annoyed that I needed to clean cages, etc, and it didn't help that they were in the garage which was a nice constant 85 degrees with 90% humidity - it was stifling! I also never really cared for the sales aspect after breeding - I always delayed it as long as I could and tried to speed through it when possible. Ultimately, all of these things combined to lessen my love for the hobby.
    I hear that!...LOL... Already been working and get home with all the things that need to be done, and cages to clean on top of it all... It is suppose to be fun, so when it isn't you have to change things up.

    JB it has been enjoyable to go back and forth with you on the forums, all of the pics, and things you learned along the way and posted about for everyone's benefit have been appreciated. It was easy to tell you really put some thought and real time in on many of the topics we all discussed.

    We are still going to be hoping you get back into some snakes down the road though...LOL...

    Hey the sign off is appreciated as well I don't know how many people over the years just vanished.
    Ed Lilley

    Check my available snakes at this link:

    I rejoined facebook... I don't feel good about it...


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    I am sorry to hear this... I have learned a great deal from you and also picked up the photo bug. You will be greatly missed.

    I would suggest to leave your site up as there is tons of great info and I send people to it all the time

    I hope you still stop by to get your boa fix...

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    Best wishes JB and thanks for all the very valuable advice on this forum and your blog. I will miss your contributions here. Perhaps at some point in the future you will want to get back into boas. I can definatey identify with you on the constant maintenance and cage cleaning. I just figure that snakes are much less work than most other pets, and the satisfaction I get in return makes it well worth it.

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    Wow! I remember a few of my first picture posts, and getting compliments from you on them and the snake. I remember some private massages about cameras and the quail diet and how helpful you were. I remember how I've always enjoyed having you on this board. My excitement and enthusiasm continues, and I plan on being a small keeper with nice displays. No breeding, just relaxing and enjoying the cages much like an aquarium.

    JB, you'll be missed. Those first, ultra exciting days for me into the boa and Pro-Line cage world are great memories.

    My "Good Memories" post here a few weeks back brought up the question of your whereabouts.

    I'm glad you are well. Don't stress over anything cause life's too short. Enjoy yourself, your family and maybe we'll see you back someday.

    Thanks for the positive feedback and advice Sir!

    You are a class act.

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