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    Default Excellent Night With Wallace.

    Based on the success of all the day's events, I decided another thread would be worth it.

    The evening began with a fairly convincing protest against coming out of the cage, however with a little clever thinking on my part, I remembered the perch trick, and Wallace emerged in a tolerant mood.

    It was a warm, humid evening, much like the natural environment of these retics so we went out.

    The typical photo setup I use is either a deck rail, which didn't work well, or the perch and chair option. This shot finally gives you an idea of his size, which isn't huge, but he's not tiny either.

    It is not the best photo but you can finally see some other items for reference when trying to guess his size.

    We made a few trips up and down the chair before heading out for further adventure.

    When I mentioned adventure, this is what I was talking about. It was a first for Wallace, and I was somewhat apprehensive as I wasn't sure if he was going to bolt on me, or get defensive. He was perfect, and that set the stage for a good session.

    Things went so well, he actually fully evacuated his waste while crawling around. No cage cleaning is a huge plus! He seemed very comfortable in the grass but always came back to me and started to climb back onto me. Possibly a sign of owner or scent recognition. The nonscientific part of the experience made me feel we had "bonded" a bit.

    I was more relaxed as he explored. Early on in his younger stages he was very twitchy and would spray and take off. I think those days are over.

    He found the rock garden, which is where the deck is. I don't like this area because if he goes under the deck, things are VERY bad as far as seeing him again. There were no issues, but I was keeping a close eye on him.

    Back up for a bit of lap time.


    Thanks for looking.

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    Great post. He looks really good out in the light. Glad to see he did well with his exploration of the yard.
    Randall L Turner Jr.

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    This thread is like reading a story . Nicely done.
    Beautiful animal and I also envy your deck/backyard, lol. I wish I can maintain mine as well as yours.

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