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    bahreptiles Guest

    Default Scaleless Ball Python........

    Has anyone seen the pics of this one? I saw pics of it today on anyther site. Has this BP been confirmed real?

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    noah Guest


    I believe it was called the "Derma Ball". It is real but i dont think at this point anyone knows whats going on with it. There have been other species that have been proven genetic i believe. There is also some controversy surrounding this particluar animal. I dont know the details. Maybe do a search on KS or Fauna.

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    bahreptiles Guest


    Yeah I did the searching and found out that I am WAY behind on things..LOL I don't know why but I keep finding all these off the wall BP things. I did find some current stuff that I didn't know about also Thanks Noah.

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    I think I remember the Derma Ball from a couple years ago. Not sure which site but I do remember seeing the pictures and reading the drama.
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    rodmaker Guest


    I've never heard of that ball myself either. Does anyone have a pic or link to a pic, I'd like to see it.

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    bahreptiles Guest


    Here are the pics of it I saw yesterday.

    It looks very strange. I also thought that the pics looked shopped at first, kinda as a leopard gecko feel to them. Did a search for Derma Ball and found posts on diffrent forums about it as well.

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    rodmaker Guest


    very odd looking thats for sure. Thanks for the pic's James.

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    I like it..........the belly is crazy looking..........so did it actually live to adulthood...........??
    What has become of that project..........I also have not heard about it.
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    Thanks for posting pics, not something I want, but each to their own. I'm sure the rodents like the look of that soft snake..LOL
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    Franatic25 Guest


    Strange indeed.

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